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The Health Of Your Organization Depends On SmartStart The Health Of Your Organization Depends On SmartStart
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Employment Screening Applicant Tracking System Applicant Tracking System
Employment Screening Civil Records Check Civil Records Check
Employment Screening Credit & Trace Reports Credit & Trace Reports
Employment Screening Criminal Background Checks Criminal Background Checks
Employment Screening Drug Testing Solutions Drug Testing Solutions
Employment Screening E-Verify & I-9 E-Verify & I-9
Employment Screening FACIS FACIS
Employment Screening International Resources International Resources
Employment Screening Motor Vehicle Services Motor Vehicle Services
Employment Screening Verification Solutions Verification Solutions


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Civil Records Check

County Civil Record Check

The county civil search is a live, real-time search of the county-level courthouse. County civil searches generally return suits and judgments, evictions, domestic disputes / divorce, and restraining orders. Civil records are generally void of identifying information beyond a name and address. Accordingly, most matches are returned as a name match only.

Federal Civil Record Check

A federal civil search is a search conducted at the United States District level. Report results include comprehensive docket summary information. Records are generally void of identifying information such as DOB and SSN, and are accordingly returned as a name match only.

Note: Tax Liens and Bankruptcies may also be researched as separate services.


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