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The Health Of Your Organization Depends On SmartStart The Health Of Your Organization Depends On SmartStart
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Employment Screening Applicant Tracking System Applicant Tracking System
Employment Screening Civil Records Check Civil Records Check
Employment Screening Credit & Trace Reports Credit & Trace Reports
Employment Screening Criminal Background Checks Criminal Background Checks
Employment Screening Drug Testing Solutions Drug Testing Solutions
Employment Screening E-Verify & I-9 E-Verify & I-9
Employment Screening FACIS FACIS
Employment Screening International Resources International Resources
Employment Screening Motor Vehicle Services Motor Vehicle Services
Employment Screening Verification Solutions Verification Solutions


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Applicant Tracking System

Smart Management of Applicant Recruiting and Tracking System (SMARTSŪ)

SmartStart's robust and cost effective SMART System is nothing short of amazing. Modernize your applicant tracking today and see increase productivity and success in your hiring program.

SMARTS Features Include;

  • Track Active Job Postings
  • Post Positions To Over 25 Job Boards Worldwide
  • Display Your Job Openings On Your Website
  • Collect Resumes Online
  • Grade, Qualify, and View Resumes Online
  • Invite Applicants To Complete Online Applications
  • Customizable Online Application
  • Track Applicant Offers, Rejections, Interview Dates, and Expiring ITA's
  • Receive eSignatures On Consent Form
  • Convert Applicants From Invitation or Background Checks To Employees
  • Collect and Store Documents Online (ie I9, Consent & Disclosure Form, Background Check)
  • Automates and Handles Requests For Employment Verification (Exclusive Feature)
  • Integrates With SmartStarts Background Screening
  • Exponentially Decreases The Cost And Data Entry To Process Applications and Hire New Employees

Plus many more features! Visit for all the latest information on the SMART System.


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