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Criminal Background Checks

Criminal records are found in multiple locations depending on what type of crime was committed. All records either originate in the county level courts or in federal courts.

County Level Criminal Search

Violations of State laws are heard in the county court. Therefore, the most accurate information regarding an applicants criminal exploits can be found on the county level. Most counties have just one court, but several States have separate courts for felonies and misdemeanor records.

Statewide Repository Criminal Search

Most States offer a statewide repository that contains the criminal data from every county in the State. Unfortunately, the information is not always updated in a timely fashion, and depending on the State, information can be inaccurate or missing. In the event you request a statewide criminal search, any records located will have to be verified on the county level.

Federal Criminal Search

Violations of Federal law are heard in Federal District Court. Some States have as many as 100 or more counties, but no State has more than 3 Federal Districts. Some States have 1 Federal District for their entire State. Finding identifying information can be difficult in Federal cases and often creates longer turnaround times when records are located.

NationWise – Nationwide Database Search

Nationwide Database searches are also available. This search is not FCRA compliant but due to the remarkable quantity of data, it makes an excellent supplemental search. Data is extracted from hundreds of sources nationwide, including county level Administrative Office of the Courts, State criminal repositories, Department of Corrections, and the Sex Offender Registry to name a few. Over 450 million records exist in this database. Like all databases, the information may become outdated so the FCRA requires that any information obtained be verified against county level records.

Sex Offender Registry

All States have a sex offender registry. These registries report to on central registry creating the most accurate database of sex offenders in the nation.

If a registered sex offender moves out of State, they are required to register with their new State of residence. Sex Offenders have a tendency to forget. A search of the nationwide registry can ensure that you accurately determine if an applicant is a registered sex offender.


SmartCheck® is SmartStart's premier background check. This is the background check for companies who truly want to eliminate their liability and hire applicants with conviction free histories.

SmartCheck® consists of a SmartTrack SSN Verification and Address History search to identify all the locations an applicant has lived in the past 7 years. Then we search every county and federal court district the applicant has lived. We add our NationWise database search to supplement and a nationwide sex offender search to ensure a thoroughly investigated applicant.

SmartCheck® Ultimate

This is ultimately the same search as above but we've added a statewide repository search to ensure every possible record has been located for those individuals who may have found themselves in trouble in counties outside their county of residence but within their State of residence.



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